Sunday, November 10, 2013

Optional Play, Ruffing Finesse or Squeeze


Kepri Governor Cup X

A Q J 3
Q 4 3
4 3
A J 4 3
A K J 9 7
K Q J 5
Q 8 6 2

 1 ♣Pass1 N
Pass2 Pass2 ♠
Pass3 Pass3 
Pass4 Pass4 N
Pass5 Pass6 

Using precision system, you arrive in reasonable contract of 6 . Opening lead is  5, how do you plan the play?

There are several assumption that you need to make. Firstly, the ♣ K shall be with west. IT may be doubleton or three times or more. In case doubleton, your task will be easier. Then you may place the ♠ K with west or east. If ♠ K is in east hand, you can ruffing finesse it. Or you my squeeze west if he hold the ♠ K. Which one is your choice?

After wining the opening lead in hand, declarer directly play the  K and continue with the  Q when it win. West continue with trump, and winning in hand ruff a diamond with  Q, every one follow.

What should you do next?
Ruffing finesse will win 50% of the time when east hold the ♠ K. Squeezing west may have been an advantage as you may also win if the ♠ K is only 3 card. Then ♠ A, ruff small spade and club to the Jack. Now the ♠ J, the way you handle it will eventually determine the successful of the contract.

A x
K x
Q x

After some thoughts, declarer ruff the spade Jack with his last trump and show the  J to west. Finally west give up.

West hold: ♠ Kxxx  xxx  Axx ♣ K10x

Declarer who choose to ruffing finesse spade will fail.

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